Dryer not drying?


Is your dryer heating but not drying?


Does your dryer buzz that it is complete, but your clothes are still damp?

Is your dryer taking over 40 minutes to dry your clothes?

If any of these are happening at your house, it could mean that your dryer duct needs to be cleaned.

A well working dryer with a clean duct, will dry your clothes in about 30-40 minutes. But if the dryer duct is clogged and blocked with lint, it prevents the air from circulating freely among the clothes. This also opens you to the risk of fire.

Our expert technicians clean your clothes dryer ducts from the outside in, removing all lint and freeing your dryer to function faster and safer.

Dryer duct cleaning costs less than a new dryer, so before you decide to replace your dryer, contact us!

The number one clothes dryer duct warning sign:


Your clothes take longer than 40 minutes to dry!

If this is your dryer, call Dryer Duct Company now to schedule a cleaning.