lower clothes drying time

Get Your Laundry Done Fast! 5 Tips to Help You Lower Clothes Drying Time

It’s easy to get impatient when you’re waiting for laundry to dry. Especially when you’re running late and you need to put on your favorite jeans before you can go.

The worst is when you think they’re done, only to open the drier and realize they’re still damp. Don’t just put them on and suffer through the day with cold clothes.

Instead, try out a few little-known tricks to get your clothes to dry faster.

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys doing laundry. Speed up the process and save energy by learning the four best ways to lower clothes drying time

1. Add a Towel

To get clothing dry time down, the key is to reduce the moisture in the dryer. One way to do that is by adding a dry towel or two.

Towels are meant to absorb moisture after you get out of a shower, and they work just as well in your dryer! As the clothes tumble around against the dry towel, it will absorb some of the water.

One large towel or a couple of smaller towels will do the job. But, you don’t want to overstuff the dryer whether it’s with dry or wet fabric.

2. Don’t Overstuff

If you overstuff your dryer, it’s going to take even longer than normal to get them dry. Follow your dryer’s directions for what the right amount of fabric per load should be.

When a dryer is overstuffed, there’s too much moisture. The clothes can’t move around each other so air can’t move through them evenly.

Not sure if you’re overstuffing? If every time you dry your clothes there are some items that are dry but others that have damp spots, you’re overstuffing.

3. Use Dryer Balls

When you overstuff, air can’t get between the clothes to dry them. If you’re drying the correct sized loads, you can facilitate even more airflow with dryer balls.

You can use rubber or wool balls. Wool balls have some absorbancy so they can actually take on some of the clothing moisture too.

4. Keep The Dryer Clean

Have you found that suddenly your clothes aren’t drying as fast but you aren’t doing anything different? That probably means that your dryer needs a cleaning.

The first culprit is the lint trap. You should be cleaning that before every load.

If that’s clean and it’s still taking too long, your dryer duct is probably clogged. It’s common for lint to slip through the filter and get pulled into the duct.

A clogged and unclean dryer not only slows dry time it’s also dangerous! It causes 34% of dryer fires per year.

Try These Tips to Lower Clothes Drying Time

The less time your clothes spend in the drier, the more you’ll save on your energy bill. With these 5 tips to lower clothes drying time, your load will be done in no time.

To get your dryer running at peak efficiency, you might need a thorough cleaning. Contact us to learn more!