What You Should Consider Before Hiring a Dryer Duct Cleaning Company

Most, if not all, homeowners have found themselves faced with this problem: why is my dryer not drying? Sometimes, your dryer heats up but still doesn’t dry your clothes. The most common cause of this is the built-up lint in the dryer vents.

Lint are little pieces of fiber that are collected from your clothes during the wash. When this lint accumulates in your dryer vents or filters, it becomes a fire hazard. Studies prove that each year, the 2,900 home dryer fires that occur cause five deaths, 100 injuries, and cause $35 million in property damages.

That’s why you should always rely on the experience of a dryer duct cleaning company to protect your home. However, many companies offer dryer duct cleaning services. This is what you ought to consider before enlisting the help of a dryer duct cleaning service.

Consider the Company’s Reputation

Scouring online pages for customer reviews and comments will help you get a picture of the kind of reputation they have. After all, their reputation speaks volumes regarding how they handle their business and how they interact with their customers. When you want to a hire a dryer duct cleaning company, reading reviews online can help you weed out the bad from the good.

Consider Their Charges

When booking an appointment with a dryer duct cleaning company, it is essential to consider how much they charge for their services. Look at your budget and find a company that offers excellent service within your price range. However, don’t be tempted to go for a service with dangerously low prices as this may be indicative of the quality of service they offer.

Go for a dryer duct cleaning company that offers timely and high-quality service at a reasonable price. Such a company is likely to do the job as effectively as possible, in the least invasive way.

Consider Their Qualifications

If you’re going to leave your dryer in the hands of a stranger, they need to have experience in the business. Luckily, it’s easy to tell whether the dryer duct cleaning service is qualified to help out solely by the first impression. Do they showcase certifications on their website? Do they have a contract you need to sign?

A company with an impressive image is more likely to hire qualified personnel, thus will do the job quickly and correctly. This is the sort of company you want to hire to clean out your dryer ducts for you.

How Long Will They Take?

Typically, cleaning your vents may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. When hiring a dryer duct cleaning company, you want to go for one that takes the shortest time to get to your house after you have made the call. This will ensure that it takes a short time to clean your ducts and return your dryer to full functionality.

Cleaning Your Dryer Duct: Why It’s Important

A dryer with clogged vents is less effective, thus using much more energy. This not only costs you a lot of money in utility bills but also has a negative implication on the environment. Worse yet, a clogged vent can be a serious fire hazard. Having your dryer duct cleaned out will help you dry your clothes in a shorter time, save you energy, and protect your family from a potential fire.

Getting your dryer duct cleaned out by a professional company will ensure that a perfect job is done and that no lint remains in your pipes. Rely on Dryer Duct Co. for dryer duct cleaning services you can count on.