fix for dryer not drying clothes

Fast-Fix: Dryer Isn’t Drying

While doing laundry isn’t necessarily the most fun household chore, it is a necessary evil. However, if you have a dryer not drying properly it can really put a damper in your hamper. In this article, you’ll find a few tips and tricks to determine if it’s time form a simple repair. To start, if you’re wondering ‘why is my dryer not drying?’, here are a few reasons you might be experiencing this phenomenon.

First, have you checked the dryer vent? Failure to clean the dryer vent is the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires. In order to clean your dryer vent you will first want to remove and clean the lint trap filter, then vacuum the lint and then use a duct brush to conduct dryer duct cleaning. The US fire administration reports that every year more than 2,900 home fires are started by clothes fires as a result of the lack of simple maintenance on the part of the owner.

If you are experiencing a dryer not drying clothes, this is a warning sign that dangerous lint buildup has occurred in your dryer and it’s time to clean it out. This is an example of a repair. You can hire dryer vent duct cleaning services, however, with regular maintenance, you should be able to keep up with it yourself.

If you’ve gone through the trouble of inspecting your dryer and you still have a dryer not drying clothes, you might be in need of a replacement. One factor that’s very important to take into account is how old your dryer is. Most dryers have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. If your dryer is pushing that 10-year mark it’s probably a good idea to consider a replacement. Here is the golden rule for replacing your dryer and most other appliances. If your appliance is more than 50% through its lifespan and the estimated cost of repair is more than 50% of its original price, it’s time to replace.

To make your dryer last as long as possible and avoid the expenses of replacing it, have a dryer duct cleaning service come to take a look at your dryer at least once a year. They are able to look at the ducts to ensure that your dryer stays in tip-top shape. Contact Dryer Duct Co today to learn more about preventative maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of your dryer.