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Think your energy bill is high enough as it is? Your indoor dryer vents could be increasing your bills without you even realizing it. Materials like lint, hair, and debris clog your dryer ducts and strain the appliance, making it work much harder than it needs to. Not only is this bad for your energy bill, but its also a fire hazard!

Heres how to tell if your indoor dryer vents are increasing your energy bill and what to do about it!

Is My Indoor Dryer Vent Wasting Energy?

Is it Clogged with Debris?

Anything from loose change, bobby pins, safety pins, credit cards, lint, pet hair, human hair, anything forgotten in pockets When your dryer vent is clogged with debris, it puts a strain on the appliance and makes it work harder than it needs to.

Does it Have Long or Winding Ducting?

Anything that gets stuck and clogs up the indoor dryer vents makes it work harder and use more energy. If you have long or winding ducting, its even more important to keep an eye on clogs.

Is Your Dryer Not Doing its Job?

One symptom of a dryer vent thats wasting energy is clothes that come out hot or damp after a cycle. If your clothes are taking longer to dry than they used to, or if theyre coming out damp or smelling burnt, its a sign that your dryer is working harder than it needs to and wasting energy in the process.

Have You Noticed a Musty Odor?

A musty smell coming from your dryer is another sign that its not venting properly. When indoor dryer vents arent working correctly, moisture can build up and cause mold or mildew to grow. This is both hazardous to your health and damaging to your clothes.

Is the Laundry Room Hot and Steamy?

If your laundry room feels hotter and more humid than usual, thats another sign that your indoor dryer vent isnt working properly. All of that hot air has to go somewhere! When vents are blocked, heat and moisture can build up in the laundry room.

Why Does Dryer Efficiency Matter?

Wasting energy not only drives up your energy bills, but its also bad for the environment. Indoor dryer vents that arent functioning properly can waste a lot of energy, which is why its important to keep an eye on them. Not only will you save money, but youll be doing your part to protect the planet.

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