professional dryer duct cleaning

Why You Should Hire Professional Dryer Duct Cleaners

A dryer is one of the most used home appliances in the United States. Every day is a laundry day, especially if you have kids. However, most people don’t know that dryers can be fire hazards in their homes. According to the Fire Administration, 2,900 home fires are reported every year, and most of them come from dryers. These fires cause an estimated property loss of 35 million, five deaths, and about 100 serious injuries each year.

However, dryer fires can easily be prevented through dryer duct cleaning and other regular maintenance practices. Besides minimizing dryer fires, there are other important benefits of dryer duct cleaning that have been discussed below.

1. Prevent Dangerous Fumes

Thousands of people in the United States are treated for various symptoms of respiratory diseases and other disorders that are associated with breathing. A considerable number of people treated from respiratory diseases die every year, especially when their conditions grow to chronic levels.

One of the major sources of poisonous gas fumes is a clogged dryer. A dryer that has a blocked vent releases carbon monoxide, which is one of the harmful gases that can cause death. Regular cleaning of your dryer helps in unblocking the dryer vent and prevents the buildup of carbon monoxide.

2. Lower Energy Cost

One of the major monthly bills that people have to pay in the United States is the increased energy cost. If you find your dryer not drying clothes within a regular amount of time, this indicates that something is wrong. The buildup of lint in the dryer vent means that it will take an extended period for your dryer to dry your clothes.

The more it takes for your dryer to dry clothes the more energy it is consuming. If your dryer is heating but not drying, have the vent cleaned. You will enhance it’s efficiency and lower the energy the appliance is using. This will save you a considerable amount of money.

3. Extended Dryer Life

A blocked dryer vent causes the dryer to work harder in an attempt to dry the clothes. This means that the appliance will start to wear and tear which increases the cost of maintenance and ultimately, it fails to serve its purpose. The blocked dryer vent can also cause a fire.

Hiring a dryer duct cleaning service is highly advised because it helps to prevent the wear and tear of your appliance as well as enhances its lifespan. You don’t want to be in the market again looking for a new dryer just a few months after buying a new one. Engaging dryer vent cleaning professionals will extend dryer life and save you some bucks.

4. Preserve Clothing

Every time the dryer is working harder than normal, it inflicts significant damages to clothing fibres. In the long term, clothing that is consistently dried by a malfunctioning dryer wears and tears quickly. Although there are clothes that have been made with the capacity to overcome dryer stress, there’s no proof that they won’t wear in the long term.

This can be prevented by hiring the best dryer duct cleaning company in San Jose. A properly maintained and cleaned dryer will not work harder, which means that it will not expose the clothes to any form of stress. This can help the clothes to last for a longer period of time.

5. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Besides releasing poisonous fumes in the house, a gas dryer that has a blocked vent becomes hot on the surface and ends up increasing the temperature inside the room. The increased heat and temperature can cause the indoor air quality become very poor. This could be catastrophic to those in the house. A hot dryer could also inflict serious burns to anyone who touches it.

Hiring a professional dryer duct cleaning service will prevent your dryer from heating on the surface and causing severe burns to anyone who touches it. Dryer duct cleaning will also ensure that all the heat is channeled outside and the indoor air quality is enhanced.

Dyer duct cleaning is an important precautionary maintenance practice that all homeowners should undertake. It is important to contact Dryer Duct Co for comprehensive cleaning and repair services.